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Dan Behr - Ed Ellis - Steve Zuiderveen

all lease only. click the links for history and photos of the cars

ATSF 551
C&O 1875
CBQ 251
MP 891
MP 894


Many operations, including Rio Grande Scenic(RGS), Ski Train(defunct), Mt Hood RR, San Luis & Rio Grande(SL&RG), Saratoga & North Creek(SNC), West Texas & Lubbock(WTLC) and other roads. Purchased all the available domes from Holland America Westours.

Dates are "as of"

ATSF 508 SL&RG (11/09). Renamed "Canyon View" and assigned to SNC.
ATSF 509 Mt Hood (11/09). Renamed "Cascade View".
ATSF 510 AZER "Copper Spike" (11/09). Now SL&RG "Sunset View".
ATSF 511 RGS "Ski Train" (11/09)-renamed "Scenic View" and put in excursion service after termination of Ski Train. Owned by IPH vs just IP.
ATSF 512 SL&RG (11/09). Renamed "Alpine View" and assigned to SNC.
ATSF 513 Mt Hood (11/09). Renamed "Columbia View".
ATSF 551 SL&RG (11/09)-renamed "Sky View" and put in general excursion service late 2011
ATSF 554 WTLC "Polar Express" (11/09). Reassigned to SL&RG and renamed "Summit View".
GN 1394 RGS "High Iron" (11/09). Renamed back to original GN name "Prairie View"

CBQ 4716 "Silver Bridle" acquired late 2011 from owner (Robert Rabkin?) after Florida Rail Adventures went bankrupt.

Ex-Milwaukee Skytop "Coffee Creek" also acquired late 2011.

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