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Mexican "Maxi-domes"

(all information courtesy of Juan Viladroza)

4 cars are being built by "Ferrovias Mexicanas", all from 85ft baggage cars. The stairs for access are in the middle of the car and carry windows on the lower level - 3 normal size and 4 big like "Fox River" or the "Singing Brook" ex NYC on the Silver Creek International roster. Both sides of the car are round ended but only one end carrys windows - the cars are like a full dome-obs.

The heritage of the cars is unknown. All were ex NDeM cars but we have only NDeM numbers. NDeM only records ex USA numbers on diagrams of sleepers, diners, club bar lounges and observations. Coaches and baggage cars don't have records. All 4 baggage cars were different - none had the same trucks and body.

Reported plans are for 2 of the domes to be shipped to Cuba for use on an excursion train, and the other 2 to be used on a Ferrovias Mexicanas excursion train in Mexico.

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