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Royal Caribbean International, the parent company of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises, purchased two "Ultradomes" from Colorado Railcar, Ft Lupton CO for use under their tours operation.
Cars were shipped 2/2001 and were to be barged from Seattle for the 2001 cruise-train season in Alaska, joining Holland America and Princess Tours on the Anchorage-Fairbanks run.

Cars are numbered RCIX 1001 & 1002, with 2 more cars on order as of 2/2001. The cars are reportedly 18' 1" high and approximately 8 feet longer that the Princess cars, making them the largest passenger cars ever built.

The seating on the dome level uses swivel chairs for best viewing, and the lower level contains a full kitchen and dining room (photos below).

Info courtesy of Mike McGowen

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