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Building Leasing Corp / Southern Furniture Corp / Rail Dome Corp

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C&O 1850 - 1852

CB&Q 320 - 361 - 365 - 4709 - 4725 - 4726

GN 1322 - 1324

NP 314

Rail Dome Corp was a company founded during 1976-77 by Tom Johnson of Lenexa KS, and Gerome Boluck (Building Leasing Corp) of Dodson MO. Mr Boluck also owned Southern Furniture Corp.

Another partner was employed by Comet Industries Kansas City MO. Cars in use on the Branson Scenic are often stored at Comet.

RDC was formed and sold the original "Texas Zephyr" articulated equipment to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were also offered;

GN 1322
GN 1324
CBQ 320 "Silver Garden"
CBQ 4709 "Silver Castle"
CBQ 4726 "Silver River"

The sale never closed, and GN 1322 was sold to Ed Bishop and scrapped and GN 1324 was sold to Robert Moen.

"Silver River" was sold to VIA (and stored), while "Silver Garden" and "Silver Castle" continue to operate in excursions and on Branson Scenic. "Silver Castle" stored in Kansas City and was noted for sale 1/2006.

"Silver Island" (CBQ 4725) and "Silver Terrace" (CBQ 365) also operate on Branson Scenic, while "Silver Vista" (CBQ 361) and NP 314 ("Southern Vista") remain stored at Southern Furniture.

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