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His private dome ventures are known as Empire Builder Private Cars / Vista-Dome Adventures.

Dave has bought and sold a pair of domes: NP 307 (sleeper), and WP 832 "Silver Hostel".

He currently owns GN 1324, an 'Empire Builder' coach and CBQ 304 "Silver Pillow" a 'North Coast Limited' sleeper.

His photo collection of domes displayed here is the largest that has been unearthed to date, and is exceeded only by the collection on the domecar history web page (linked at the end of this page) and Phil's own collection.

Dave also graciously scanned Phil's slide collection (over 140 shots). Those scans can be identified by clicking the red items on Phil's photo page.

Dave 'may' also be willing to scan other collections to add to the site if the supplier does not have scanner capability (just ask!).


Note: Many of the photos on this page have been on the site for a long time. Dave's NEW contributions for 2004 are in RED. Dave's UPDATED contributions (re-scanned) for 2004 are in GREEN.

B&O Baltimore & Ohio

B&O 5550 "High Dome" coach/snack bar

B&O 5551 "Sky Dome" coach/snack bar

C&O Chesapeake & Ohio

C&O 1851 "Starlight Dome" sleeper

C&O 1852 "Sunlight Dome" sleeper

CB&Q - Burlington (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy)

CB&Q 236 "Silver Veranda" 'Denver Zephyr' parlor-observation

CB&Q 250 "Silver Club" 'California Zephyr' dorm-buffet-lounge

CB&Q 251 "Silver Lounge" 'California Zephyr' dorm-buffet-lounge

CB&Q 252 "Silver Roundup" 'California Zephyr' dorm-buffet-lounge

CB&Q 253 "SIlver Cup" 'Denver Zephyr' dorm-lounge

CB&Q 304 / NP 304 (no name) 'North Coast Limited' pool buffet-sleeper

CB&Q 305 / NP 305 (no name) 'North Coast Limited' pool buffet-sleeper

CB&Q 320 "Silver Garden" 'Kansas City Zephyr' coach-buffet

CB&Q 321 "Silver Patio" 'Kansas City Zephyr' coach-buffet

CB&Q 360 "Silver View" 'Twin Zephyr' lounge-observation

CB&Q 361 "Silver Vista" 'Twin Zephyr' lounge-observation

CB&Q 365 "Silver Terrace" 'Kansas City Zephyr' parlor-observation

CB&Q 366 "Silver Tower" 'Kansas City Zephyr' parlor-observation

CB&Q 375 "Silver Horizon" 'California Zephyr' sleeper-observation

CB&Q 376 "Silver Penthouse" 'California Zephyr' sleeper-observation

CB&Q 378 "Silver Lookout" 'California Zephyr' sleeper-observation

CB&Q 557 / NP 557 (no name) 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

CB&Q 558 / NP 558 (no name) 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

CB&Q 1332 / SPS 1332 (no name) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

CB&Q 1334 / GN 1334 (no name) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

CB&Q 1335 / GN 1335 (no name) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

CBQ 4709 & 4714 "Silver Castle" & "Silver Dome" - homebuilt 'pattern' domes for pool service

CBQ 4716 "Silver Bridle" 'California Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4719 "Silver Ranch" 'California Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4721 "Silver Saddle" 'California Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4725 "Silver Island" 'Twin Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4726 "Silver River" 'Twin Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4727 "Silver Stream" 'Twin Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4730 "Silver Vision" 'Twin Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4735 "Silver Buckle" 'Denver Zephyr' coach

CBQ 4736 "Silver Brand" 'Denver Zephyr' coach

CP - Canadian Pacific

CP 504 "Skyline" car

CP 505 "Skyline" car

CP 513 "Skyline" car

CP 515 "Skyline" car

CP 516 "Skyline" car

GN - Great Northern

GN 1320 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1321 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1322 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1323 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1324 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1326 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1327 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1329 'Empire Builder' coach

GN 1332 (SPS 1332) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

GN 1334 (CBQ 1334) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

GN 1335 (CBQ 1335) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

GN 1392 'Empire Builder' lounge

CMSP&P Milwaukee Road

MILW 57 - lounge

MILW 58 lounge

MILW 59 lounge

MP - Missouri Pacific

MP 890 'Eagle' coach

MP 891 'Eagle' coach

MP 894 'Eagle' coach

MP 897 (T&P 200) 'Eagle' coach

NP - Northern Pacific

NP 304 (CB&Q 304) 'North Coast Limited' pool buffet-sleeper

NP 305 (CB&Q 305) 'North Coast Limited' pool buffet-sleeper

NP 306 (SP&S 306) 'North Coast Limited' pool buffet-sleeper

NP 307 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 309 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 310 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 311 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 312 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 313 'North Coast Limited' buffet-sleeper

NP 549 'North Coast Limited' coach

NP 552 'North Coast Limited' coach

NP 557 (CB&Q 557) 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

NP 558 (CB&Q 558) 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

NP 559 (SP&S 559) 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

SP - Southern Pacific

SP 3602 3/4 length lounge

SP 3604 3/4 length lounge

SP&S - Spokane Portland & Seattle

SP&S 306 / NP 306 'North Coast Limited' pool sleeper

SP&S 559 / NP 559 'North Coast Limited' pool coach

SP&S 1332 / GN 1332 (no name) 'Empire Builder' pool coach

T&P - Texas & Pacific

T&P 200 / MP 897 'Eagle' coach

UP - Union Pacific

UP 7000 'Challenger' coach

UP 7001 'Challenger' coach

UP 7012 "City of St Louis' coach

UP 7013 'City of St Louis' coach

UP 7015 'City of St Louis' coach

UP 8002 'City of Los Angeles' diner

UP 8004 'City of Los Angeles' diner

UP 8008 'City of Portland' diner

UP 9004 'City of Los Angeles' observation-lounge

UP 9005 'City of Portland' observation-lounge

UP 9009 'City of Portland' observation-lounge

UP 9013 'City of St Louis' observation-lounge

WAB - Wabash

WAB 200 'Bluebird' coach

WAB 202 'Bluebird' coach

WAB 1601 'Bluebird' observation

WP - Western Pacific

WP 811 "Silver Dollar" 'California Zephyr' coach

WP 815 "Silver Schooner" 'California Zephyr' coach

WP 831 "Silver Chalet" 'California Zephyr' dorm-buffet-lounge

WP 832 "Silver Hostel" 'California Zephyr' dorm-buffet-lounge

WP 882 "Silver Planet" 'California Zephyr' sleeper-observation

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