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Plans and diagrams

Budd coach for the "California Zephyr" {Clint Chamberlin}

B&O 5550/51 coach {Alan W Hegler}

C&O 1850/51/21 sleeper {Alan W Hegler}
C&O 1870/71/72 observations (on D&RGW) {Alan W Hegler}

DRGW 1105-08 coach {Alan W Hegler}
DRGW 1140 lounge {Alan W Hegler}
DRGW 1145 sleeper observation {Alan W Hegler}
DRGW 1248-50 ex C&O midtrain observations {Alan W Hegler}

GM coach UP 7010 "Star Dust" {Alan W Hegler}
GM diner UP 8010 "Sky View" {Alan W Hegler}
GM observation UP 9015 "Moon Glow" {Alan W Hegler}
GM sleeper UP "Dream Cloud" {Alan W Hegler}

MILW 50-59 "Superdome" lounge {Justin Nelson}
MILW 12-18 "Skytop" sleeper {Clint Chamberlin}

MP 890-92 Budd coach {Alan W Hegler}
MP 893-96 Pullman Standard coach {Alan W Hegler}

NP 307-14 Budd sleeper {Dave Varilek}
NP 549-56 Budd coach {Dave Varilek}

SPS 306 "California" sleeper {Dave Varilek}

UP 7000-09 ACF coach {Alan W Hegler}
UP 7001 "Columbine" UPP coach {Dave Varilek}
UP 7010 "Star Dust" Pullman Standard coach {Alan W Hegler}
UP 7011-15 Pullman Standard coach {Alan W Hegler}
UP 7011 "Missouri River Eagle" UPP diner {Dave Varilek}
UP 7015 "Challenger" UPP coach {Dave Varilek}
UP 8000-09 ACF diner {Alan W Hegler}
UP 8004 "Colorado Eagle" UPP diner {Dave Varilek}
UP 8008 "City of Portland" UPP diner {Dave Varilek}
UP 8010 "Sky View" Pullman Standard diner {Alan W Hegler}
UP 9000-14 ACF observation {Alan W Hegler}
UP 9004 "Harriman" UPP observation {Dave Varilek}
UP 9005 "Walter Dean" UPP observation {Dave Varilek}
UP 9009 "City of San Francisco" UPP observation {Dave Varilek}
UP 9015 "Moon Glow" Pullman Standard observation {Alan W Hegler}
UP (no number) "Dream Cloud" Pullman Standard sleeper {Alan W Hegler}

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