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location and status of existing domes by state/country

40 of the 237 domes built are gone. The status of another in Mexico is "probably"(we're almost certain) scrapped, thus there are either 196 or 197 cars remaining.

(the car number link will take you to the history and photos of that car)


MP 892 Heart of Dixie Chapter NRHS Caldera AL (public)


NP 555 Alaska Railroad 551 (public)
NP 556 Alaska Railroad 552 (public)
SPS 559 Alaska Railroad 553 (public)
UP 7008 Alaska Railroad 501 (public)
UP 7013 Alaska Railroad 500 (public)
UP 7014 Alaska Railroad 502/Kenai Fjords Tours "Wildlife Express" (public)


ATSF 504 Arizona Railroad Museum (static display)
CBQ 375 Maricopa (Phoenix "remote") Amtrak station. (stuff/mount)
GN 1326 Pete Messina et al/on lease at Grand Canyon Railway as "Kokopelli" (public)
NP 554 Grand Canyon Railway "Coconino" (public)
DRGW 1106 Grand Canyon Railway "?" (public)
CBQ 4722 Grand Canyon Railway "Grand View" (public)


ATSF 503 "Plaza Santa Fe" California Rail Tours Salinas (charter)
ATSF 505 Pacific Locomotive Assn Oakland - Niles Canyon Railway(operating)
C&O 1851 "Starlight Dome" Paul McKeehan Canoga Park (Fillmore & Western) (stored)
CBQ 305 Doug Ebert/Charles Barenfanger/Sierra Hotel Inc at Monad La Mirada (stored)
CBQ 377 "Silver Solarium" Roy Wullich/Rail Journeys West Santa Clara (charter)
CBQ 4717 "Silver Lodge" Feather River RR Society Museum Portola (restoration)
CBQ 4718 "Silver Lariat" Burt Hermey-Al Bishop/California Zephyr Railcar Los Angeles (charter)
CBQ 4720 "Silver Rifle" Golden Gate Railway Museum San Francisco (display) - moved to Portola
CBQ 4735 "Silver Buckle" John Caestecker Studio City (Anaheim) (stored)
DRGW 1107 "Silver Mustang" Jon Clark Cerritos CA (stored in Commerce)
GN 1330 Stuart Spencer and Stan Ames Los Angeles (stored)
GN 1391 in Amtrak service (public) - also sometimes sent to pacific northwest or New York for special train service
MILW 52 Napa Valley Wine Train "Champagne" Napa (public)
NP 311 Lon Orlenko/Monad Rail La Mirada (stored)
NP 312 Virginia City Rail Corp "Theodore D Judah" Redwood City (stored)
SP 3602 Jon Clark Commerce (stored)
SP 3606 Donald Krause Rocklin (stuff/mount)
UP 9006 John Kirkwood/Rail Ventures "Bella Vista" Saugus (available for charter)
WP 832 "Silver Hostel" Feather River RR Society Museum Portola (display)


NP 310 Orford Express - Sherbrooke Quebec
GN 1325 CN 99/IC 800723 (CN business car)
ATSF 500 "Twilight" Ontario Northland
MILW 57 "Stardust" Ontario Northland
WP 812 "Moonglow" Ontario Northland
WAB 203 Quebec North Shore & Labrador (public)
UP 9001 Algoma Central "Algoma Country" Sault Ste. Marie (public)
WP 813 Algoma Central "Spirit of Superior" Sault Ste. Marie (public)
CP 15402 VIA 8702 active service (public)
CP 15403 VIA 8703 active service (public)
CP 15404 VIA 8704 active service (public)
CP 15406 VIA 8706 active service (public)
CP 15407 VIA 8707 active service (public)
CP 15408 VIA 8708 active service (public)
CP 15409 VIA 8709 active service (public)
CP 15410 VIA 8710 active service (public)
CP 15411 VIA 8711 active service (public)
CP 15413 Canadian Railway Historical Association Museum Delson Quebec (display)
CP 15414 VIA 8714 active service (public)
CP 15415 VIA 8715 active service (public)
CP 15416 VIA 8716 active service (public)
CP 15417 VIA 8717 active service (public)
CP 15418 VIA 8718 active service (public)
CP 500 VIA 8500 active service (public)
CP 501 VIA 8501 active service (public)
CP 502 VIA 8502 active service (public)
CP 503 VIA 8503 active service (public)
CP 504 VIA 8504 wrecked 1/31/05 Evansburg AB (repair?)
CP 505 VIA 8505 active service (public)
CP 506 VIA 8506 active service (public)
CP 507 VIA 8507 active service (public)
CP 509 VIA 8509 active service (public)
CP 510 VIA 8510 active service (public)
CP 511 VIA 8511 active service (public)
CP 512 VIA 8512 active service (public)
CP 515 VIA 8515 active service (public)
CP 516 VIA 8516 active service (public)
CP 517 VIA 8517 active service (public)


SPS 306 ANSCO "California" Denver CO (charter)
ATSF 507 Canon City & Royal Gorge railway Canon City CO (public)
ATSF 510 San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (public)
ATSF 511 San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (public)
ATSF 551 San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (public)
ATSF 553 Canon City & Royal Gorge railway Canon City CO (public)
ATSF 554 San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (public)
GN 1394 Iowa Pacific/San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (public)
CBQ 4716 Iowa Pacific/San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamoso (operating status unknown as of late 2011)
MILW 50 Canon City & Royal Gorge Railway Canon City CO (public)
MILW 56 Canon City & Royal Gorge Railway Canon City CO (public)
SP 3605 Canon City & Royal Gorge Railway Canon City CO (stored/public after restoration[someday])


C&O 1876 Museum of Science & Industry Daytona Beach FL (display)
UP 7009 "Church Street Station" Orlando FL (display)-location/owner/status unknown as of late 2011
WP 881 Gold Coast Railway Museum Miami FL (display)


WAB 201 Don Williams Conyers GA (stored)
WAB 202 Don Williams Conyers GA (stored)
WAB 1601 Don Williams Conyers GA (stored)


C&O 1852 Katherine Schultz (at GATEWAY)
C&O 1877 Mid America Railcar Leasing (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 253 Carolina Leasing/Robert Menzies (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 254 Gateway Coach - stripped (stored) (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 321 Mike Gresham - stripped (stored) (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 366 Mike Abernethy (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 1334 Gateway Coach - stripped (stored) (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 1335 (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 4726 Gateway Coach - stripped (stored) (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 4727 Mike Abernethy (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 4729 "Silver Scene" Philip Sheridan (charter) (at GATEWAY)
CBQ 4730 Mike Abernethy (at GATEWAY)
DRGW 1108 wrecked in transit to GCRY and now at Illinois Railway Museum.
DRGW 1140 Phil Sheridan - unrebuilt (stored) (at GATEWAY)
NP 307 (at GATEWAY)
SPS 1332 Gateway Coach - stripped (stored) (at GATEWAY)
WAB 200 Tom Hazlett (at GATEWAY)
WAB 1602 Bill Kennedy/Kennedy Metal Company Taylorville IL (at GATEWAY)
WP 811 (at GATEWAY)
WP 817 Mike Gresham - unrebuilt (stored) (at GATEWAY)


GN 1327 Doug McGill in Indiana (stored)
NP 550 Phil Sheridan (on lease at Indiana Railroad)

IOWA (10)

CO 1875 at Waterloo IA owned by Chuck Crisler (stored)
CBQ 360 on lease at Boone & Scenic RR Boone IA (public)
UP 7001 UPP "Columbine" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 7012 UPP 7011 (incorrectly numbered!!) "Missouri River Eagle" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 7015 UPP "Challenger" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 8004 UPP "Colorado Eagle" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 8008 UPP "City of Portland" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 9004 UPP "Harriman" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 9005 UPP "Walter Dean" Council Bluffs IA (business)
UP 9009 UPP "City of San Francisco" Council Bluffs IA (business)


ATSF 506 BNSF 31 Topeka (business)
CBQ 236 BNSF 20 Topeka (stored)
CBQ 4719 BNSF 22 Topeka (stored)
GN 1390 BNSF 30 Topeka (business)


WP 814 "My Old Kentucky Dinner Train" (office)


UP 7007 Pete Messina - being rebuilt for use by KCS (restoration)


CBQ 251 Doug Ebert "Sierra Hotel" on Montreal, Maine & Atlantic, Searsport (charter)


MP 890 NdeM reported fire - status (unknown)
UP 7006 Puebla RR Museum Mexico (display)
UP 7011 Ferrocaril Mexicano FXE 149015 (business)
UP 8007 Sierra Madre Express "Tucson" (public)
WP 882 Silver Creek International "San Luis"(charter)


MILW 51 Escanaba & Lake Superior RR (stored)
CP 15401 "Algonquin Park" - Bill Harman - Owosso (timeshare charter)
DRGW 1145 "Silver Sky" - Bill Harman - Saginaw (stored)
CP 15412 "Riding Mountain Park" - Adrian & Blissfield RR dinner train service


GN 1320 Robert Moen Minneapolis (stored)
MP 894 Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train (static)
SP 3604 Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train "Grand Dome" (static)
MILW 53 Friends of the 261 group Minneapolis (charter)


B&O 5551 Museum of Transport St Louis (stored)
CBQ 320 Branson Scenic Railroad (public)
CBQ 365 Branson Scenic RR (public)
CBQ 4709 Branson Scenic Railroad (stored)
CBQ 4725 Branson Scenic RR (public)
UP 7002 Kansas City Southern "Kansas City" (business)
UP 8009 Kansas City Southern "Monterrey" (business)


NP 552 Montana Rail Link 104 Missoula MT (business)
NP 553 Montana Rail Link 105 Missoula MT (business)


CBQ 304 Dave Varilek/Empire Builder Private Cars "Silver Pillow" Fremont NE (stored)
GN 1324 Dave Varilek/Empire Builder Private Railcars Fremont NE (stored)


UP 9000 Boyd Gaming Corp Las Vegas NV "The Main Street Casino" (display)


GN 1329 Conway Scenic RR (public)
IGN 896 Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train NH "Granite Eagle" (public)


ATSF 502 Santa Fe Southern RR (public)


ATSF 508 Iowa Pacific/Saratoga & North Creek (public)
ATSF 512 Iowa Pacific/Saratoga &North Ceek (public)
MP 891 - Delaware & Ulster RR Arkville (public)
TP 200 - Jon Clark near Hornell NY (restoration)
UP 9002 - Delaware Otsego/NYS&W 902 (charter) for sale 2008. Location/owner unknown as of late 2011


CBQ 361 Building Leasing Corp/Southern Furniture Co "Silver Vista" Conover NC (stored)
NP 314 Building Leasing Corp/Southern Furniture "Southern Vista" Conover NC (stored)
CBQ 4736 Aberdeen Carolina & Western RR Star NC (stored)


CBQ 250 Dirk Lenthe Fargo ND (stored)
CBQ 378 Dirk Lenthe Fargo ND (stored)

OHIO (4)

CBQ 558 Tom McOwen/Indiana & Ohio Ry Cincinnatti (charter)
CBQ 4714 Mad River & NKP Museum Bellvue OH (display)
DRGW 1105 Ohio Railway - in San Antonio TX for restoration
GN 1331 Cuyahoga Scenic Railway


ATSF 509 Iowa Pacific/Mt Hood Railway (public)
ATSF 513 Iowa Pacific/Mt Hood Railway (public)


SP 3603 "Rio Chagres" in service on Panama Railway (public)


ATSF 552 Norfolk Southern 24 "Delaware" Altoona PA (business)
CBQ 1333 on RBM&N siding near Reading (temporarily private - will be charter again)
MILW 55 Blue Mountain & Reading RR (operating)


NP 551 Nashville & Eastern RR on lease to Tennessee Central


CBQ 376 BNSF 21 Ft Worth (stuff/mount)
WP 816 Wilson Engineering Cleburne TX (stored)
UP 9007 Creative Charters Houston "Warren R Henry" (charter)

UTAH (2)

GM "Moon Glow" Ogden Union Station Foundation (stored)
C&O 1850 Promontory chapter NRHS (stored)


ATSF 501 Spirit of Washington Dinner Train "City of Seattle" Redmond (stored)
MILW 59 Spirit of Washington dinner train "City of Renton" Redmond (stored)
UP 8000 Spirit of Washington Dinner Train "Mt. Rainier" Redmond (stored)
CBQ 557 Inland Pacific Rail Spokane "Trout Creek" (stored)
NP 309 Inland Pacific Rail Spokane "Rainier Park" (stored)
NP 313 Inland Pacific Rail Spokane "Yellowstone Park" (stored)
NP 549 Inland Pacific Rail Spokane "Gold Creek" (stored)
CBQ 1395 "Copper Canyon" American Orient Express(for sale)-probably at Grand Canyon RY
GN 1392 "New Orleans" American Orient Express(for sale)-probably at Grand Canyon RY
UP 7000 American Orient Express - Western Jct (stored/for sale)-location unknown as of late 2011-possibly Ft Lupton CO


UP 8003 National Museum of Transport Green Bay WI (display)
UP 7003 Charter Wire Milwaukee(business)
GN 1323 "Puget Sound" Doug Ebert/Charles Barenfanger dome sleeper (charter)
UP 9003 David Hoffman/Northern Sky Inc Black Falls WI "Northern Sky" (charter)
WP 831 Quad Graphics Inc. (private)
UP 9011 Wisconsin Southern (stored)

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