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European high-speed trains in Zürich

Because of its central position for the european rail traffic, Zürich is one of the few cities where it's possible to observe high-speed trains fron 4 different countries in regular service. Here a few pictures of these trains in Zürich, or underway to or from Zürich:


SNCF TGV 33000


Cisalpino ETR 470




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Swiss tilting: ICN RABDe 500

The tilting trains ICN RABDe 500 of the SBB run on the line Genève-Aéroport - Neuchâtel - Bienne - Olten - Zürich - St.Gallen. They always run in double unit.

ICN RABDe 500.011-2 + RABDe 500.010-4, Glanzenberg 26.2.2001

ICN RABDe 500.007-0 + RABDe 500.012-0

ICN RABDe 500.009-6, Winterthur-Grüze

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First in Switzerland: TGV 33000

The 3-current trains TGV 33000 of the SNCF run in Switzerland as Paris - Vallorbe - Lausanne since the opening of the first TGV line Paris - Lyon in 1981, and then on Paris - Neuchâtel - Bern. The trains to Bern run also as far as Zürich since 1997.

TGV 33007 on a presentation run in Zürich HB, 12.12.1997

TGV 33001 in Olten, 23.4.2001

TGV 33010 with ICN RABDe 500.009-6, 25.5.2001 in Zürich HB

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Cisalpino SA

ETR 470

Since 1997, the "Pendolini" Cisalpino ETR 470 assure the trains Milano - Brig - Genève, Milano - Brig - Bern - Basel, and Firenze - Milano - Chiasso - Gotthard - Zürich - Schaffhausen - Stuttgart.

ETR 470.059, 8.3.1998 in Zürich HB

"Non e Zurigo, e Milano !" (ETR 470.055 in Milano Lambrate)


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ICE 401

The ICE 401 of the DB run on the relations Zürich - Basel - Hamburg and Interlaken - Bern - Basel - Hamburg.

ICE 401.585-5 in Zürich-Altstetten

ICE 401.584-8, who was in the USA, in Zürich HB. The inscription "Amtrak" was still visible.

ICE 401.576-4 in Glanzenberg

ICE 401.581-4 and 401.081-5, Zürich HB

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ICE-T 415

The german "Pendolini" ICE-T 415 run since 1998 between Zürich and Stuttgart

  ICE-T 415.083-5, with Re 4/4 II 11103 in Zürich HB

ICE-T 415.582-6 with the "Mirage" RABDe 510.003-7 in Zürich - Stadelhofen

ICE-T 415.582-6 in Zürich HB ("Underground" station "Museumstrasse")

ICE-T 415.080-1 in Winterthur

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"Last but not least": ICE-TD 605

Last arrived in regular service since the new timetable of the 10 Juni: the diesel tilting trains ICE-TD 605 of the DBAG, running daily between Zürich and München.

  ICE-TD 605.020-7 in Zürich HB

ICE-TD 605.516-4 and 605.020-7 in Zürich HB

ICE-TD 605.502-4 in Winterthur-Grüze

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