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October :

"Trabbi" & "Wartburg" visiting the Südostbahn

In april 1990, an announce published in the local press said that the swiss south-eastern railway (Schweizerische Südostbahn, SOB) looked for 1 or 2 electric engines for rent to pull the heavy ballast trains between Wädenswil and Schindellegi-Feusisberg. Much people thank, it's a late april fool. It wasn't one...


After survey of the offers, the SOB first choosed a czech engine type 372 of the CSD, but the deal was made impossible in last minute by the czech authorities.


Finally, le SOB took 2 engines from the eastern german railways DR, the E 243.922-2 (nickname "Trabbi"), and the E 250.252-4 (nickname "Wartburg"). They were used specially on the ballast trains between Wädenswil and Schindellegi-Feusisberg. The 243.922-2 was also usually heading the "Gipfeli-Express" ("Croissant-Express") Einsiedeln - Zürich-Altstetten. They stayed on the SOB from end of august 1990 to end of june 1994, before going back to Germany.


"Trabbi" E 243.922-2

Wädenswil, 6.9.1990


Einsiedeln, 21.4.1991 Wädenswil, 21.5.1991, with the "Gipfeli-Express"


"Wartburg" E 250.252-4

Samstagern, 6.9.1990 Einsiedeln, 21.4.1991


Wädenswil, 16.7.1991

Samstagern 18.7.1991

Samstagern 25.7.1991


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