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"Nur achtgeben!"

Innsbrück in year 1981

 How time flies ! In 1981, it was already 19 years ago, I had economised on my pocket money to buy a train ticket to Innsbrück and back : Departure from Mulhouse with Arlberg Express at 4 a.m., and back quite late in the night.

At this time, Innsbrück was still a very interesting place for enthusiasts of old-timer electrics. The 1044‘s were not so universal like now. In the depot, there were not only numerous „Crocodiles" type 1020, but also engines types 1245.500, 1670 (with the curious wheel arrangement (1A)‘Bo(A1)‘ ), 1160 and 1161 as shunters. Underway, there were the Arlberg veterans type 1180 shunting in Bludenz and Landeck. The „German Crocodiles" type 194 of the DB came also with heavy goods trains to the Brenner.

The title of this gallery is a souvenir of the very friendly welcoming I got at the depot. An engine driver told me the way to get there (A tunnel under the tracks by the signal box west), and also told me, I should ask the depot direction for the authorisation to take pictures. I found the way, and came to the depot office. The manager simply answered me:

„- Kein Problem, aber nur achtgeben ! (No problem, but simply be aware of the trains !) "

But, he also had noted my poor German and my accent. He asked me:

„ - Woher kommen Sie denn überhaupt ? (Where do you come from exactly ?)

- Aus Mulhouse, in Elsass (From Mulhouse, in Alsace)

- Aus Elsass ! (From Alsace!) "

Complete change... He began to tell me his wonderful holidays in Alsace, with the good wines, the beautiful villages, the excellent gastronomy, and then ended with:

„ - Sie können alles photographieren, was Sie wollen, alles ! Aber nur achtgeben ! Nur achtgeben! (You can photograph everything what you want ! Everything ! But simply be aware of the trains ! Be aware !)"

I’ve been always very friendly welcomed by railwaymen, but so like, that was an exception...

1020.47, one of the 3 last 1020's, who were "reconstitued" after the war by the main workshops of Florisdorf with spare parts.

In the Zugförderungsstelle (Depot), the "valley line engine" (Talstreckenlokomotive) 1670.06

1110.519. The appearence of this type has been since heavily alterated.

The "Arlberg-Crocodiles" type 1020, who were still very active.

Old habidueds of the Brenner line: The german type 194.

1145.09, an other vanished type…


1161.06, going back to the depot. The turntable still exists.

1042.49, ready to start. The old ÖBB winged wheel "Adler" ("Eagle") was still present, and was not replaced by the new "Pflatsch" logo. Green engines were instead already seldom.

1670.06 again, with a regional train to Wörgl.

1670.14, still in green livery.

1145.09 shunting.

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