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Trip to Jura

24.6.2007: Trip to Jura

A few pics from the "Dimanche Vapeur" (= "Steam sunday") the 24th of June 2007, with special steam trains between Delémont and Glovelier (engines Eb 2/4 35 ex Jura-Simplon, and Mallet Ed 2x2/2 196 ex Schweizerische Central-Bahn), and between Glovelier and Pré-Petitjean on the metre-gauge line of the Chemins de fer du Jura CJ (engine E164 ex CP of the "La Traction" society)


Glovelier (Voie normale CFF)
Train of 13.05

Glovelier (Metre-gauge CJ)

Glovelier, train of 15.23

Glovelier, train of "La Traction"

Delémont 16.10, passing through in direction of Balsthal



RABe 521.009-1

JS Eb 2/4 35

SCB Ed 2x2/2 196

Glovelier, CFF standard-gauge part
Train fron Delémont, arriving at 13.05 and proceeding back to Delémont at 13.37

Glovelier, CJ metre-gauge

BDe 2/6 632
BDe 4/4II 614 ABt 714

Train from Delémont, arriving at 15.23

TemIII 332 + JS Eb 2/4 35

Glovelier (CJ), train of "La Traction", arriving at 15.36

CP E164

Delémont 16.10, passing through in direction fo Moutier, Solothurn and Balsthal
With all my thanks to the photographer with the pink shirt, for the nice coloured touch on my pictures (and not only on mines), who would have been sad and colourless without his good idea of standing just middle in the field...

Switching back to Solothurn, shoot from the regional train to Bienne. Thanks God, it's still possible to open windows in certain trains...

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