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A few "professional" pictures, or hot to combine the useful and the exciting when being on the road for the job...

Until shortly I had a job at Colenco Power Engineering AG in Baden, Switzerland ( ). I was oftly on the road for this job. Naturally I always had my camera with me, and I had the lunches almost always in station restaurants, or in some near of rails...

These journeys brang me principally to Gräubünden, Ticino and western Switzerland. Here a few samples:

  Dättwil AG



  Western Switzerland

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Startpoint: Dättwil

My starting point war Dättwil in canton Aargau, located on the "Nationalbahn" line Wettingen - Mellingen - Lenzburg. The traffic isn't very various: one regional push-pull train RBe 540 + AB VU1 + control coach BDt, but the village gives a nich rear for shooting pictures.

SBB RBe 540.077-5

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The Rhaetian railways (Rhätische Bahn, RhB)

The station Rodels-Realta, between Reichenau-Tamins and Thusis:

RhB Ge 6/6 II 706

RhB Abt 1716 RhB Ge 4/4 III 647 "Capito" RhB Ge 4/4 II 618

RhB Be 4/4 514

One of my favourite hunting areas in Gräubünden: Pontresina

  RhB (Bernina) ABe 4/4 49 + 41 RhB (Bernina) ABe 4/4 55

The regional push-pull of the Engadine line Pontresina - Scuol: Ge 4/4II 625 with control car BDt 1753

The Bernina snowplough Xrotet 9218 with ABe 4/4 44

The Engadine line, between Samedan and Bever:

RhB Ge 4/4 III 648 "Vereina"

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The Gotthard line

Ticino is oftly called the "sunny side of Switzerland", or "a piece of Italy", but, always whan I was there it was pouring. So I didn't bring nice pictures from there...

 Osogna - Cresciano (line Biasca - Bellinzona)

Tm III 9463 + Tm II 827

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Western Switzerland

I was underway there principally in Chablais (Region around Aigle, col des Mosses) and around Yverdon or Lausanne

Le Chablais

Bévieux (line BVB Bex - Villars - Bretaye RR)

  BDeh 2/4 25 et 22

Le Sépey (Line ASD Aigle - Sépey - Diablerets RR)

ASD BDe 4/4 402 ASD BDe 4/4 2 "Trans-Ormonan"

ASD BDe 4/4 404 + Xrotm 2

Leysin - Feydey (Line AL Aigle - Leysin RR)

AL BDeh 4/4 301 + Bt 352 AL BDeh 4/4 305 + Bt 355

AL BDeh 4/4 305

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