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Paris 1992

The last oldtimer motors ex PO-Midi of the SNCF

In april 1992, 10 years ago, I got an opportunity to visit the engine depots of Paris sud-ouest and Villeneuve St-Georges. There were the last motors from the former railways companies PO (Paris - Orléans) and Midi (french southern) still in service. Here a few pictures of them:

Paris Sud-Ouest and Paris-Austerlitz

Last host of the "BB Midi" 's

The depot Paris sud-ouest was always a famous speed engines depot of the SNCF. In 1992, it was also a last home for the types BB 300 (former E 240 PO), BB 4200 et 4700 (former E 4200 and E 4700 Midi) in "Remonte" - service (switching the empty passenger trainsets between Paris-Austerlitz and the yards).

CC 6508

CC 6510 + CC 6530

BB 9263 at bogie overhaul

BB 63061 with tunnel equipment

BB 319 (former E-259 PO)

BB 4735 (former E-4213 Midi)

BB 4756 (former E-4230 Midi)

BB 4234 (former E-4234 Midi)

Y 5127

BB 4760 (former E-4243 Midi)

BB 305 (former E-245 PO)

BB 324 (former E-264 PO)



Last piece of the 3rd rail network

End of the 19st century, the Chemin de fer de l'Ouest (Western RR) electrified a big part of the western suburb network of Paris with 750v 3rd rail. In 1992, only the line Puteaux - Issy-Plaine remained (today: tramway operation).

ZBD 5178

ZRABx 15179

ZRABx 15178

Z 5398 (1500V)


Villeneuve St.-Georges

South-east region's big depot

Instead the taking in service of the LGV (high-speed line) Paris-Lyon, the depot Villeneuve St.-Georges hosts still today a numerous "cavalery" of passenger and goods engines. In 1992, there were also some "mille-pattes" ("Thousandfeet") CC 1100 and the BB 300s rebuilt as shunters.

Left to right.: BB 8561, BB 7287, BB 26035, BB 22399 & BB 4711

BB 7400 on the turntable

BB 26026

CC 7139 + CC 7144


CC 1110

CC 1100 (with BB 7411)

BB 333

BB 22322 + BB 7292

CC 1101 (former E-1001 PO) modernised and demonted for transport

BB 7296 + CC 7139

Y 7202


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