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Other interesting pictures
Other interesting pictures

Unusual sights: Being in the right place at the right time.
UP 3421 East at Minnow   LI 620 at Albany   Alco PAs at Albany

Eastern Power on the west coast: No need to leave the comfort of the Great Northwest to see engines from the East Coast.
CR 5957 at Sandy   NS 6524 at Eugene   NS 7003 at Hampton

BNSF on the UP: BNSF trains have been detouring over UP's Brooklyn and Cascade subdivisions in September and October.
BNSF 4794 at Eugene   BNSF 708 East at Halsey

The Centennial: UP's track inspection train, led by DD40 #6936.
UP 6936 East at Minnow     UP 6936 East at Oregon City     UP 6936 East at Oregon City

Other September pics: General pictures taken last month.
UP/CNW power   Albina Engine Terminal   Albany Rostabout
WPRR 2311 West at OSU   BN 2075 at Harrisburg