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-Click here to see a front end view of CSX C44-9W #9016. It is moving to pick up a train from the Snyder Ave. Yard, Port of Philadelphia. Pa. 12/4/98.
-Click here to see a rear (long hood) look at CSX C44-9W #9016. It is waiting, with CSX #2681, to take its train through Greenwich Yard to points south. Phila. Pa. 12/4/98.
-Click here for a side view of CSX C44-9W #9019. It is leading a train through Greenwich Yard, to the Snyder Ave. Intermodal Yard in Philadelphia Pa. 4/21/99.
-Click here to see CSX SD-50 #8526 on the Belt Line, at The Port of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It is being used to move cars from the port to The Greenwich Yard. 2/24/00.
-Click here to see CSX SD-50 #8526 pulling empty gondola cars from Municipal Pier 98, Port of Phila. Pa. Since the Conrail break-up there has been a shortage of 2 axle power, (GP,s SW's) for yard work and locals in this area. It seems like overkill to use a 3500 HP engine for a job that could be done by a 1500 HP engine. 2/24/00.
Click here to see CSX SD-50 # 8646, former Conrail # 6705 built by EMD in 1983, rated at 3500 HP and still in Conrail Quality paint. It is working on the Belt Line, Port Of Phila. Pa. 9/19/02.
Click here to see CSX SD-40-2 #8487 leading Conrail Train PYSE at Cheltenham Junction, Phila Pa. 11/1/94.
-Click here to see CSX C-40-8W #7723 on train CAO-1, in the snow at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Second engine is RMGX #5046. 2/10/00.
-Click here to see CSX C-30-7 #7029, built by GE and rated at 3000 HP. It is leading train CAO-1 out of Frankford Junction, Philadelphia Pa. after picking up its cars. 6/8/00.
-Click here to see CSX GP-40-2 #6240, built by EMD and rated at 3000 HP. It is leading a light engine move through Eastside Yard, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 5/29/96.

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