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Juniata Terminal Page 6 of 6; Stan's RailPix.

Juniata Terminal Company; Page 6 of 6.

The 3 track Juniata Terminal Facility was built in 1928 by The Pennsylvania Railroad as The Philadelphia Terminal for less than carload freight service.
I would like to express my thanks to the CEO of The Juniata Terminal Company , Mr. Bennett Levin, for allowing me access to take these photos.

Click here for a picture of former Southern Pacific # 2992 as delivered to The Juniata Terminal Company. This photo was taken by Steve Agostini in April, 2002.

Click here to see JTFS # 1157, Juniata Parlor Car "WARRIOR RIDGE". This beautifully restored Parlor Car would have made The Pennsylvania Railroad proud !! - Photo by Steve Agostini, September 2002.

Click here for a close side view of JTFS # 1157 (former Southern Pacific # 2992), Juniata Parlor Car "WARRIOR RIDGE". It is seen here proudly glistening in the bright afternoon sun at Penn Coach Yard, Phila. Pa. 9/29/02.

Click here for an inside look at Juniata Terminal Company # 1157 (former Southern Pacific # 2992), the beautifully restored Parlor Car "WARRIOR RIDGE". If you ever get a chance to ride in this car, do not miss it !! Juniata Terminal Company, Phila. Pa. 9/15/03.

Click here to see Pennsylvania Railroad Business Car # 120, built in 1928 by the PRR in Altoona Penna. The open platform observation car is now owned by Juniata Terminal Company CEO Bennett Levin. This car was used by President John F. Kennedy to travel to the Army - Navy Game in Philadelphia Penna. Penn Coach Yard, Phila. Pa. 9/29/02.

Click here to see restored Juniata Terminal PRR E-8a #5711 leading The American Shortline Railroad Association Special through Abrams Yard, on the Norkfolk Southern Harrisburg Line. This special train ran from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station to Valley Forge, Pa. 5/20/03.

Click here to see The Juniata Terminal "Fleet" in Penn Coach Yard, Phila. Pa. The train will be running south on The Northeast Corridor after adding more private cars. 6/29/03.

Click here to see restored Juniata Terminal PRR E-8a #5711 and PRR # 5809 running on The Northeast Corridor with a train of Private Cars. The train is passing Crum Lynne Station ( MP 11.1 ) and heading south to Washington DC. 6/29/03.

Click here for a first look at at "Little Juniata Rapids" #800000 the newest addition to The Juniata Terminal Fleet. This car was restored at Juniata Terminal by Mr. Eric Levin and his fine crew. 14/24/2004.

Click here for a side view of the newly restored "Little Juniata Rapids" Juniata Pullman Car. This is a former Southern Pacific Railroad ( Amtrak ) car. 10/24/2004.

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