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Union Pacific Railroad; RNC Convention Train, Page 2 of 3; Stan's RailPix

Union Pacific Railroad ;

RNC Office Car Special, Page 2 of 3.

Union Pacific Business Car Train P-967-22 is set up near The Comcast Center to be used during the convention.

-Click here to see the first section of Union Pacific Office Cars on a siding along Darien Street. The cars would be pushed across Darien Street on temporary tracks, into a parking area near the Comcast Convention Center. Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 7/23/00

-Click here to see the Union Pacific (UP) Business Car Shoshone derailed on the temporary track leading from Darien street into the parking area near the Comcast Center. This Business Car, built by Pullman in 1914, has 3 wheel trucks and did not ride well on the uneven temporary tracks. If you look directly under the stairs, you can see the wheel sitting outside the rail. Phila. Pa. 7/23/00

-Click here for a look at the temporary track in front of The Union Pacific (UP) Business Car Shoshone. The steep little hill in front of the Shoshone, was where the Business Car derailed. 7/23/00

-Click here for a wide look at The Union Pacific Business Cars across Darien street. The uneven roof lines on The Business Cars shows the poor condition of the track. Phila. Penna. 7/23/00.

-Click here to see CSX Road Slug #2228, and CSX GP-40-2 #6483. These 2 units are moving the Union Pacific Business Cars into place to be used for The (RNC) Republican National Convention. Phila. Pa. 7/23/00

-Click here to see the Temporary track being repaired. After all the trouble with The Union Pacific (UP) Business Car Shoshone, it was decided to realign the track before moving more office cars. Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 7/23/00.

-Click here to view Darien street, as work continues to push the Union Pacific Office Cars into place. The vehicle on the left side of the picture belongs to the CSX Police. 7/23/00.

-Click here to see The Union Pacific Business Cars on the Temporary track near the The Comcast (First Union) Center. The track leading to the parking area has been removed. The cars will be used to entertain and feed the delegates to the Republican National Convention. In the background is Veterans Stadium. Phila. Pa. 7/23/00

-Click here to see Union Pacific E-9s #951 & #949 nose to nose. The E-9s were built by EMD in 1955, are rated at 2000 Horsepower. The engines and some support cars were on a siding on Darien street across from the area where the Business Cars were parked. Phila. Pa. 7/23/00

-Click here to see Union Pacific E-9 #951 being moved across Pattison Ave. The engine was refueled then moved back later in the day. Phila. Penna. 7/23/00.

-Click here for a rear look at Union Pacific E-9 #951. The engine was refueled on the other side of Pattison Ave. and has just been moved back to the rest of the train on Darien street. Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 7/23/00.

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