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1 - Assembly views - architectural
2 - Assembly views - full shielded
3 - Component parts
4 - Lateral (side) views

Optimal mounting height is around 3,30...3,60 m, or 11...12 ft, up to pole top end (tenon).
Le apparecchi d'illuminazione, liberano aperto, i progetti, campione, alberino-parte superiore, Flangia-Piattino, spese generali, staffa, illuminazione-dispositivi, l'illuminazione, lampadine, paralume, incandescente, compatto-fluorescente, automobilistico, esterno, ambientale, via, residenziale, alto-baia, paesaggio, illuminazione per proiezione, taglio, tenone, lato-bracci, lanterne, a bassa tensione, reattanza, controllo-ingranaggio


The main term of mechanical drawings usage, which represents luminaries component parts, for manufacturing, is to be used as they are designed.

If our design is not suitable for your way of manufacturing, or concept, you may modify in your way - as you consider more suitable for you - only the interior (inside) part(s) (components) of the luminaries ; preserving the outside shapes and dimensions.

Any kind of changes are allowed to all components or solutions, which are hidden in the assembled luminaire.
More exactly, you have to keep the outside of luminaries untouched.

Any kind of hacking, or combinations of your own solutions, which change the outside shape and dimensions of the assembly of the luminaire, are forbidden.

Only in case of joining solution between the post-top luminaire with the pole's top end, are changes allowed - related to the outside shape and dimensions.

All changes related to luminaries and pole top ends dimensions ; are allowed only from smaller dimensions to larger ones, but not more than 13mm or 1/2inch.
For example : It is allowed to redesign a base suitable for 60mm (2-3/8") to be(come) suitable for 73mm (2-7/8") pole top end pipe (tenon).

Anytime, if there are more suggested values for the same dimension, the manufacturer may chose those, which he considers more suitable.
On drawings which show both dimensions' values in millimeters and inches, usually, values in millimeters are written on the left or upside, and those in inches are mentioned on right or down one.

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