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GO Transit Motive Power 600, 700, 800, 900

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Left image 2001 - right image 2003 :: note weathering changes
Both Images ©2001/2003 Kurt Kramer

UPDATE: 12/15/01:
GO sold 904 to Tri-Rail. Tri-Rail has donated 904 to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, Florida. They are slowly restoring it. Currently, nothing substantial has been done, but the front pilot has been painted silver, to match most of their coaches. 904 will soon be cosmetically restored in GO Transit or Tri-Rail colors.

Apparently, 904's original 16v567B still is in the locomotive (this was removed many years ago and replaced with a normally aspritated DD16V149 to supply head end power). 904's trucks are Dofasco rebuilt Blomberg "B"s with no traction motors, so it probably will remain an ACPU. The Gold Coast is buying an EMD MBTA rebuilt F10 to pull it with, as 904 doesn't have self propulsion. 904's interior is also planned for restoration.