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Motive Power Quiz 2
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1. The train operator should notify the proper authority when there is a malfunction with the locomotive.

2. What must be done with an unattended locomotive?

3. What protective device MUST NOT be reset by the train crew?

4. What switch indicated by a light has to be reset before the locomotive
will load and the brakes will recharge after a penalty application?

5. What must the water level be to start the diesel engine?

6. What must the crank case oil level be to start the diesel engine?

7. What is the maximum crank time when starting the diesel engine?

8. How long should you wait for the starting motors to cool before attempting to start the diesel engine for the second time?

9. What condition should the fuel by-pass sight glass normally be?

10. The outside locations of the emergency fuel cut-off buttons are adjacent to the fuel fill location, just below the running board,
on either side of the locomotive. The inside location is [fill in the blank]

11. Which safety device must be operational at all times?

12. A brake apparatus used to manually apply the brakes on a car or locomotive:

13. A passenger car equipped with a control compartment from which a train can be operated while being pushed by a locomotive is a:

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