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VIA Uses GO Transit Christmas 1984 - RGBurnet
VIA Uses GO Transit
Christmas / New Years 1984

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#1 VIA CNR Cover Page
#2 VIA CNR Covering Letter

#3 & #4 Partial Christmas & New Years Plan Outline, Dates, Anchor Plan
#5 Before the computer, manual Timetable Worksheets were used to determine a passenger train schedule
#6 In the event of needed changes a Substitute Train Plan (backup plan) was created - the 600 numbers also included the GO consists
#7 & #8 Times for Loading of Passengers - several 600 numbers are GO consists
#9 30 CN 9400s were modified for 80MPH and leased to VIA - they were allocated in specifc locations like London, Oshawa, Brockville etc in case of VIA and/or GO locomotive failure (none were used with GO)
#10 & #11 Notes on GO equipment use
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