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Current Single Line Sections
Current Single-Line Sections
and their methods of working
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This page gives details of single-line block sections on current Network Rail lines in the UK West Country. It does not cover private 'heritage' railways.

Information is provided for the period from about the late-1960s onwards up until about 2012, but it is hoped to include details right up to the current day in due course. For older details, including lines which had closed by about 1970, please see the Register of Single-Line Sections page. For general information about the block working of single-line sections, please read the Introduction to Single-Line Block Working page.

This page was updated last on 04 February 2017. Further information will be added as it becomes available. Lines are listed geographically from north-east through south-east to south-west, and their individual sections are listed in line order. There is an alphabetical Index to Lines for quick access to individual lines.

The details provided here for single-line sections on current lines are different from those on the other RailWest pages for earlier periods. In most historical cases single-line sections occured on dead-end branches or distinct cross-country connecting lines, usually with signal-boxes at each end of the sections. Modern sections often are controlled remotely by a power signal-box many miles away. For identification purposes this page describes the limits of each single-line section by using the historical name for each junction or other location, even though no signal-box may exist there any more. There are also now many sections of single-line in the middle of double-track main lines, where service frequency or other reasons do not warrant the expense of maintaining two tracks. Where sections are controlled remotely the name(s) of the controlling signal-box(es) (where known) is given in the 'Notes' column.

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Key to Methods of Working
AL Acceptance Lever   OTS One Train Working (with staff)
EKT Electric Key Token OTW One Train Working (no staff)
NSKT No-Signalman Key Token TB Tokenless Block
NSTR No-Signalman Key Token (remote) TCB Track Circuit Block
    TST Train Staff & Ticket


Index to Current Lines
Barnstaple Fowey Ludgershall Portishead
Bournemouth West Frome Lymington St Ives
Cattewater Furzebrook Melksham Salisbury-Exeter
Chandlers Ford Gunnislake Merehead Weston-Super-Mare
Exmouth Hamworthy Goods Newquay Whatley Quarry
Falmouth Isle of Wight Okehampton Yeovil Pen Mill
Fawley Looe Parkandillack Yeovil PM/Jcn spur


Current Sections
From To Method Config Notes
Melksham line
Thingley Junction Bradford Junction EKT


Swindon SB & Bradford Jcn SB
TCB   Swindon SB
and Westbury SB
Portishead Branch
Ashton Junction Portishead     Note 3
Weston-Super-Mare loop
Worle Junction Uphill Junction TCB   Bristol SB
Whatley Quarry and Radstock lines
Frome North Mells Road OTS # #Round Red +'D' EKT key 1966-68
NSKT D? 1968-1974
Hapsford Loop NSKT   1974-76?
Mells Road/Whatley Quarry NSKT? A ?1976-?
Whatley Quarry     Westbury SB
Hapsford Loop Mells Road/Whatley Quarry NSKT?   1974-76?
Mells Road Radstock OTS   1968-?
Frome loop
Frome North Blatchbridge Junction AL   1970-84
TCB   Westbury SB
Merehead Branch
Whitham Merehead TCB   Westbury SB
Yeovil Pen Mill line
Castle Cary Yeovil Pen Mill EKT A 1968-85
TCB   Westbury SB and Yeovil Pen Mill SB
Yeovil Pen Mill Maiden Newton EKT B 1968-88
NSKT B 1988 onwards
Maiden Newton Dorchester West TB   1968 onwards Note 4
Yeovil Junction/Yeovil Pen Mill spur
Yeovil Pen Mill Yeovil Junction EKT C 1968-2012
TCB   2012 onwards, Basingstoke ASC
Salisbury - Exeter line  Note 5  Note 6
Wilton Gillingham TB   1967-86
Tisbury Loop TB   1986 onwards
Salisbury SB
Tisbury Loop Gillingham TB   1986 onwards
Gillingham Templecombe TB    
Templecombe Sherborne TB Note 7 1967-70
Yeovil Junction 1970 onwards
Sherborne Chard Junction TB   May-Sep 1967
Yeovil Junction TB Note 7 Oct 1967-70
Yeovil Junction Chard Junction TB   Oct 1967 onwards
Chard Junction Honiton TB    
Honiton Pinhoe TB   Exmouth Jcn SB
Exmouth Branch
Exmouth Junction Topsham TCB   Exmouth Jcn SB
Topsham Exmouth OTW  
Ludgershall Branch
Andover Junction Ludgershall


Chandlers Ford line
Eastleigh Romsey


  Eastleigh SB
Isle of Wight
Smallbrook Junction Sandown TB   Ryde St Johns Road SB
Sandown Shanklin OTW  
Fawley branch
Totton Marchwood TCB   Eastleigh SB & Marchwood SB
Marchwood Fawley NSKT    
Lymington Branch
Brockenhurst Lymington Pier OTW    
Bournemouth West line
Branksome Bournemouth Carriage Sidings GF Telephone    
Hamworthy Branch
Hamworth Junction Hamworthy Goods NSKT    
Furzebrook line
Worgret Junction Furzebrook OTS   Note 10
Barnstaple line
Cowley Bridge Junction Crediton TCB   Exeter SB
and Crediton SB
Crediton Eggesford NSTR   Crediton SB
Eggesford Barnstaple NSTR  
Okehampton line  Note 2
Crediton Meldon Quarry OTS    
Okehampton OTS   by 2004
Okehampton Meldon Station OTS   by 2004
Heathfield line
Newton Abbot Heathfield OTS    
Cattewater Branch
Plymouth Friary Cattewater OTS    
Gunnislake Branch
St Budeaux Gunnislake OTS Sq Blue + 'A' key Note 8
Sq Black + 'A' key Note 8
Looe Branch
Liskeard Coombe Junction NSKT B  
Coombe Junction Looe OTS   +'A' key
Sq Black + key Note 9
Coombe Junction Moorswater Yard working  
Fowey Branch
Lostwithiel Fowey OTS    
Newquay Branch
St Blazey Goonbarrow Junction EKT A  
Goonbarrow Junction Newquay OTS    
Parkandillack line
Crugwallins Siding (Burngullow) Parkandillack OTS    
Falmouth Branch
Penwithers Junction Falmouth (Docks) NSKT? C? ?1971-?, Truro SB
OTS   ?-2009, Truro SB
Penryn TCB   2009 onwards, Truro SB
Penryn Falmouth Docks OTW  
St Ives Branch
St Erth St Ives OTS    
1 Any signal-box name(s) in the 'Notes' column indicates the signal-box(es) controlling the section.Any signal-box name(s) in the 'Notes' column indicates the signal-box(es) controlling the section.
2 This line westwards from the site of Coleford Jcn is now the private Dartmoor Railway.
3 After many years out-of-use this line was re-opened circa-2001 to a new freight terminal at Portbury Dock, but the method of working is not known.
4 Dorchester West area controlled by Dorchester Junction SB 1968-86, then by Dorchester SB (ex-Dorchester South). Maiden Newton SB closed 1988 and TB at that location then worked by traincrew.
5 A number of the intermediate signal-boxes could be switched-out, which gave a variety of possible 'long sections' - these are not listed.
6 In 2012 control of most of the line was transferred to Basingstoke ASC with TCB in lieu of TB between Tisbury Loop and Pinhoe, but Salisbury and Exmouth Junction SBs remain in use.
7 The line from Templecombe to Sherborne and (from Oct 1967) to Yeovil Junction is double-track, but worked by TB on both lines. The Up line is bi-directional.
8 Staff replaced at close of service on 4-Dec-2005, new staff has steel shaft. Staff replaced at close of service on 4-Dec-2005, new staff has steel shaft.
9 Staff replaced circa 9-July-2006, key configuration unknown.
10 In 2014 this section of line became part of the 'heritage' Swanage Railway.

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