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West Country Single Line Sections
Single-Line Block Sections
on West Country railways and their methods of working
Dunster - Minehead (Bay) OES staff
A 'One-Engine-in-Steam' Train Staff from the Minehead Branch
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This page is a portal to other RailWest pages about Single-Line Block Sections on the railways of the UK West Country.

The Introduction page provides background information about the various methods of single-line block working used on West Country railways. Hopefully that information will help you to understand the specific details set out in other RailWest pages.

The Register lists (as far as possible) all the known single-line block sections in the West Country, with details (where available) of the method of single-line control, the configuration of staff, tablet or token and the dates of usage etc.

The author has been gathering details for the Register for many years, but there is still much information to be discovered. Grateful acknowledgement is given to all those who have helped along the way to record this part of West Country railway history. Additional information is always welcome and can be sent by e-mail to RailWest.

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