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Converted AC/DC EMU

Converted AC/DC EMU
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There are two types of AC/DC EMUs plying on Western Railway. 

Conventional rakes converted from DC into AC/DC EMUs display 9xx numbers.

Newly built rakes at ICF display 3xx numbers. 

Both are based on ICF chassis but the similarity ends there. Logic wise, they differ significantly from each other and many components are not interchangeable. More on it later.

Unit #918 Front View. Note the blue livery with yellow stripes and inverted V. All converted AC/DC EMUs are ICF stock 9xx series.

CCG bound AC DC EMU.jpg (109230 bytes) Churchgate bound AC/DC EMU approaching Jogeshwari. This picture was snapped from Borivali bound slow train. Note two trailer coaches that have not received new livery, although they have been wired for AC/DC rake. The track on extreme right is an extension for passage to long distance passenger trains between Andheri and Borivali. 

AC DC EMU at Khar.jpg (98467 bytes) Churchgate bound AC/DC EMU entering Khar station.

Master Controller 1.jpg (118133 bytes) Master Controller. The handle needs to be twisted 15 to operate. The reverser key is different than conventional DC EMUs in Mumbai.

Reverser Key.jpg (19807 bytes) Close up of reverser key.

Master Controller Layout 1.jpg (76561 bytes) Master Controller layout

Throttle.jpg (64748 bytes) Throttle schematics.

Brake Application.jpg (138505 bytes) Brakes are applied as seen from position of master controller and brake cylinder gauge (0.8 kg/cm). Since the rake is stationary, electronic logic selected EP (Electro-pneumatic) only application in first braking notch as regenerative braking is not available.

Driving Cab Layout.jpg (284749 bytes) Driving cab layout

Fault Indication Panel.jpg (114605 bytes) Fault Indicator panel. MCx represents Motor coaches 1 through 5, a provision for 15 coach rake. VSD stands for Voltage Sensing Device. Brakes are applied as indicated by panel.

Slip/Slide detection is achieved by measuring wheel acceleration and/or the difference between each wheel speed and a reference speed for the vehicle.

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