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Inside the Motor Coach

Inside the Motor Coach
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ACDC2_Mod.jpg (43287 bytes)  At ICF, Perambur. Finished AC/DC EMU can be seen at left.

Blower_Mod.jpg (57634 bytes)  Blowers for HT Compartment

Cab_Mod.jpg (80693 bytes)  Inside motor-coach's driving cab. The T shaped master controller can be seen at bottom left. Compared to DC motor-coaches, this converted motor-coach cab has lot more wiring, displays and Circuit breakers. Most notable is the presence of bank of switches that were seen earlier only in electric and some DE locos (WDP2). 

Please note that this motor coach was built new at ICF. Its' layout differs from the motor coaches converted by Alstom at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai.

HTC_Mod.jpg (52446 bytes)  Inside HT (High Tension) compartment.

MVCOS_Mod.jpg (54438 bytes)  MVCC (Medium Voltage Change-over Contactor)

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