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Churchgate - Dadar

Churchgate - Dadar
Prakash Tendulkar, February 2001


I had an opportunity to travel from Churchgate to Dadar in a Driving cab of the EMU on WR. I had my camera with me so I decided to capture this experience on the film. Unfortunately, the glass in front was not ideal for photography and it fooled the auto focus mechanism at times.

CCG Platform 1.jpg (44440 bytes)  Starting from Platform #1 at Churchgate. The structure on right is the former Control Tower. New Control Tower was built little ahead, right after the double orange signal on the left.

MEL - CHR.jpg (43485 bytes)  Starting from Marine Lines towards Charni Road. The building one left is one of the several gymkhana built between tracks and Marine Drive.

MEL - CHR2.jpg (43430 bytes)  Charni Road station is just next to the curve ahead.

Under French Bridge.jpg (51043 bytes)  Passing under former "French Bridge". (I do not know what the new name is.) This piece is the bottleneck preventing further expansion of WR tracks. Originally four tracks at Mumbai Central converged into three tracks and two platforms at Grant Road, followed by two tracks to Churchgate. Later Churchgate Station was rebuilt with 3 platforms and number of tracks between Marine Lines and Churchgate increased to manage additional traffic. Finally, Churchgate was rebuilt again with four platforms and tracks between Grant Road and Marine Lines were quadrupled. As one can see, the four tracks between Opera House Bridge and Grant Road station are sandwiched between buildings on both sides, preventing any addition in future.

BCT Platform 1.jpg (44007 bytes)  Platform #1 at Mumbai Central has been extended to accommodate 12 coach rakes. The current plan on WR is to make all rakes with 12 coaches and add some rakes with 15 coaches to accommodate increasing traffic. A fully loaded 12 coach rake during peak hours can handle approximately 9,000 passengers.

BCT- MXL 1.jpg (53744 bytes)  We have a red signal. Mumbai Central car shed is on the left and train from Mumbai Central is navigating switches to merge on down fast track.

BCT- MXL 2.jpg (45436 bytes)  Car shed structure can be seen on the left so does a burnt motorcoach that was modified with two driving cabs, one on each side and was used for shunting coaches in car shed. It was numbered "001".

BCT- MXL 3.jpg (46570 bytes)  A closer look at the passenger train.

MXL - Parel 1.jpg (58630 bytes)  We have just left Mahalaxmi station. The fifth track from main line passenger trains can be seen at right. The track at left heads towards Mahalaxmi POH shop that is a home for new (?) AC - DC EMU. Mahalaxmi POH is actually closer to Lower Parel and employees use Lower Parel as an entry / exit point. Nevertheless, it is Mahalaxmi POH.

Approaching EPR.jpg (43056 bytes)  Approaching Elphinston Road station. The cabin on right is Parel (South) manned by CR. Sandwiched ahead between tracks of Western and Central Railway is Dadar Yard that is also used to move traffic between two different zonal railways.

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