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Maintenance of Way

Maintenance of Way
Prakash Tendulkar, November 2001


On my way to work, I drive 5 miles on the rural highway that runs parallel to UPRR track. One week, I found that MoW is on the way and captured the images of equipment in action.

The first event occurred a week before the crew arrived. It raised a question in my mind, can a truck driver drive a train? Well, seeing is believing, I guess!

Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Truck1.jpg (95427 bytes)  A truck hauling four wagons.

Truck2.jpg (123929 bytes)  Close-up of the truck.

Truck3.jpg (125155 bytes)  UPRR logo and drive train can be seen.

Train1.jpg (115648 bytes)  The train with 4 wagons and a small crane

Train2.jpg (150879 bytes)  A bundle of 15 sleepers tied with steel tape

Train3.jpg (126666 bytes)

Sleeper.jpg (58179 bytes) A week later crew arrives. This machine separates sleeper from bundle and places them individually along the track.

Sleeper1.jpg (128392 bytes)  After spikes are removed, new sleepers are laid in. The claws on middle right lift rails an inch or so, to enable replacing sleepers or wooden ties.

Sleeper2.jpg (100571 bytes)

Sleeper3.jpg (101433 bytes)

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