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Aboard WCAM3

Aboard WCAM3
By Prakash Tendulkar


loco.jpg (8602 bytes)

loco1.jpg (13020 bytes)  Master controller and other equipments in front of Engineer

loco2.jpg (10019 bytes)  Black box in the center is a heater. No AC yet.

loco3.jpg (6103 bytes)  Speedo. A light at center top blinks when speed exceeds 105 Km/hr.

loco4.jpg (11913 bytes)  Master Circuit Breakers

loco5.jpg (13278 bytes)

loco7.jpg (10033 bytes)

loco8.jpg (8290 bytes)  Emergency brake for Brakesman

loco9.jpg (8560 bytes)

loco11.jpg (11139 bytes)  loco12.jpg (12389 bytes)  A passage from one cab to another. Intake for blower on right.

loco10.jpg (12094 bytes)  loco13.jpg (10680 bytes)  loco14.jpg (11480 bytes)  Relays, switches and fuses behind the engineer.

loco17.jpg (6205 bytes)  Scanner used by Engineer

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