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Western Railway - Historical Pictures

Western Railway Historical Pictures
A gracious contribution by Shri Mukul Jain, CPRO Western Railway



Dadar Station with Steam suburban trains.jpg (40368 bytes)  Dadar Station with "Steam Suburban Trains" hauled by 1911 Class T 0-6-2T locos.

WPs 7464 and 7471 at Parel shed.jpg (30990 bytes)  WP 7464 and 7471 at Parel Shed

Frontier Mail at Old Vasai Creek bridge.jpg (35284 bytes)  Frontier Mail at Old Vasai Creek Bridge

WP steam out with Special Train from Ballard Pier Mole Station.jpg (38437 bytes)  WP steaming out with a Special Tran from Ballard Pier Mole Station

Frontier Mail on Dara Pass.jpg (63536 bytes)  Frontier Mail at Dara Pass hauled by 4-6-2 XC class. XCs were built by Vulcan Foundry in 1928-29.

AWD loco.jpg (38311 bytes)  AWD Loco

Frontier Mail.jpg (60868 bytes)  Frontier Mail again! This time hauled by #533, 4-6-0 H class built by North British Locomotive in 1922. Please note that driver is wearing a white dress.

Royal Train entering BCT.jpg (36161 bytes)  Royal Train entering BCT

Old_Churchgate.jpg (53012 bytes)  Churchgate Station pictured in 1920. Level Crossing shown on left was closed in 1930 so was Colaba Station.

It was replaced in 1933. The second station was replaced again in 1957 providing 3 platforms and administrative building. Fourth platform was added in early 70s.

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