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2004 Rebuild of the GC&E

When I built a new tool shed in 2003 it opened up about 150 square feet for me to expand my layout into.  I had been wanting to redo some sections of the GC&E for a few years and in 2004 I rebuilt about 75% of the railroad.  Some key items I wanted to change were: move the town at Mt Airy to make room for a sawmill complex next to the pond; add a larger waterfall and stream; build storage tracks inside my new tool shed and connect them to the layout to make it easy to get out and put away trains.  Before I could do anything though, I had to get the fence next the layout replaced as a section of it had blown down during the winter.  This was scheduled for June so as soon as that was done the layout rebuild could begin.

The revised layout was made operational again in August 2004.