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Junior Engineer Joey

In 1997 my wife Sharon, out-shopped a bouncing baby boy, Joseph, who is now the center of our lives.  I shamelessly bombard him with trains (which he loves). And he is totally fascinated with the garden railroad and the HO trains in the basement.  He loves to watch his train anf Thomas the Tank engine videos and constantly plays with his Thomas trains.  People who visit watch him playing with his trains, shake their heads, and remark "the kid doesn't have a chance"  To see how Joey's railroading interest has blossomed click the links below to see his progress each year.

1998 (Age 15 months)

1999 (Age 25 months)

2000 (Age 3 years)

2001 (Age 4 years)

Now the consummate railfan, Joey catches some action at "Cove" on the former PRR mainline near Harrisburg, PA.

Joey helping bend rails for the garden railroad club's modules.

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