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The GC&E has been evolving and growing since it was started in 1992.  Like many garden railroaders I started out small and things just kept growing.  Probably the greatest thing about this scale and being outdoors is that it is always relatively easy to make changes.  If you want to change something you can just pull it up, dig the dirt around the way you want it and put the track back down.  Unlike indoor layouts which need to be extensively planned before they are built Garden railroading can be more spontaneous.   As I have spent more and more time working with this hobby I found that some of the things I did at the beginning were not always right, most notably make your curves as wide as possible and use large radius turnouts whenever you can.  I went with battery power from the beginning because of my first engines being radio control big haulers, as a consequence my tracks have never been powered.  I won't get into the discussion of which is better; track power or battery power, but I will say I've always been satisfied with my decision to use battery power.

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