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About 4 years ago I started an HO scale layout in my basement based on the WM in Cumberland, MD.  The first year I built the benchwork and started the trackwork, the second year I got most of the remaining trackwork completed.  The third year I started wiring and background scenery.  Unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to devote to my WM in HO due to the birth of our son and my interest in the HO layout taking a backseat to the Garden Railway.  My plan is to keep chipping away at completing the WM in HO as a winter project.  My hope is this will turn out to be a project I can share with my son as he gets a little older.

These pages contain mostly photos of the custom painted and detailed power I built for my HO scale WM.  I used to operate a business called Alpha Jet custom painting and I used to paint equipment to sell at train shows.  I eventually got out of the trains show circuit as it was only marginally profitable and I did'nt like how some of the other vendors operated.  Now I just build equipment for a few of my friends and myself.

The layout is based on Cumberland, MD and is set in the 1950's.  The layout has a very large  yard (Knobmount & Ridgley), and the mainline east to Cherry Run.  There is also a B&O loop which passes under the WM at several points to add interest.


Baldwin VO1000




Intermodal Cars

Action at MY Tower

PRR Power

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