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Our Scrapbook

Our Scrap book contains pictures of recent shows or visits to member's and their friend's layouts. While the primary focus of our club is S scale, hi-rail and American Flyer, we enjoy fine model layout craftsmanship no matter what the scale/gauge. Therefore, there may be a few reports of non S scale/gauge visits on this page as the year progresses.
Meeting minutes and some e-mail notes about club business that we have shared with each other are posted on this page.

Links to pages with photos and notes on recent Shows and Exhibits are at the bottom of this page. Also see
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for reports on our shows, meeting notes and all the fun we have had in previous years.


Please revisit this page often as it will be updated as new information becomes available.

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On August 30th, Chuck Smith hosted a meeting at his home. In attendance were George Cole, Dave Daniel, Roger Delthony, Craig Erickson, Bill Johnson and Chuck Smith.

Roger Delthony opened the meeting with a review of the inventory data that he had composed of who had what components of the modular layout. It was then agreed that we would meet at the National Museum of Play on Sept 16 at 4:00PM to setup the modular layout for the museum's Trains Weekend.

Chuck then served some refreshments and we visited his train room to see the latest changes he had made. Thank you Chuck for the refreshments and hosting the meeting.


On August 16th, Roger Delthony posted an e-mail report about the meeting at his home on July 31st which was integrated into the report below and the following message;
This week I received a letter from Greenberg Shows announcing their 2012 show in Rochester on March 10th and 11th, 2012. We need to consider whether to take part again as we did this year. Don't need a decision until later in the fall.


On July 31st Roger Deltohny hosted a meeting of the RASG club at his home to discuss fall club activities. George Cole, David Daniel, Roger Delthony and Bill Johnson were in attendance.

Along with some tasty treats and a choice of beverage, Roger showed the rest of us some bill board refers and other rolling stock that he had recently bought. He had on hand some photos of the iceing station that was along the New York Central line at Waynesport NY that was used to service the old refer cars in the 1940's and '50's.

He also had some recent issues of the NASG Dispatch magazine on hand. While browsing the magazines, Bill Johnson saw a cartoon in one of the issues about S gauge being just the right size. This brought to his mind the Cincinnati in Motion exhibit at the Cincinnati History Museum for which S scale was chosen for that very reason. He shared some photos on his laptop computer that he had taken while visiting there several years ago.

Roger then presented the treasurer's report. We decided to take out a $10 club ad in the NASG Dispatch August member listing issue. Roger sent in a check for that after the meeting. The discussion turned to planning work to get the modular layout ready for the first fall exhibit at National Museum of Play Trains Weekend.

We also talked about cabbages and kings and S-gauge trains. After business was complete we visited Roger&s American Flyer layout.


The RASG club received an invitation from Harold Russell on July 5th on behalf of the Rochester and Genesee Valley RR Museum to invite the members, family and friends of the RASG S Scale Club to attend their July 21 and August 18 meetings. The following is the text from Harold Russell that was e-mailed to Roger Delthony;

On behalf of the Rochester and Genesee Valley RR Museum I would like to invite the members, family and friends of your S Scale Club to attend our July 21 and August 18 meetings (Thursdays). We are located at the depot in Industry, NY. We will be operating diesel locomotive(s) with two cabooses. You are welcome to ride in them. Operations start about6:30 PM and continue to dark. The August meeting will feature our night photo shoot (after dark).

To get to our depot (museum complex) take Rt. 390 south to Exit 11. Head west about 2 miles on Rt. 251. We are at the intersection of that road and the LA&L railroad tracks.

George Cole, Dave Daniel and Roger Delthony accepted the invitation to the July 21st meeting and reported that was an enjoyable event.


During the second week in June the RASG club moved out of a classroom at Saint Charles Borromeo Parish that we had rented. The modular layout modules were distrubited among our members to store them at our homes until another suitable club room could be located.


On March 24 George, Chuck and Roger visited Jim Volden&s HO DCC controlled layout. Everyone had a good time. George Cole reported that Jim has made some changes to the layout since the last time that we visited there. See photos of a previous visit.


Here we go again! This year has started off much the same way as 2010 did. The Saint Charles Borromeo Parish financial committee decided that they did not want to rent the educational space we occupy for non parish activites. Therefore, we have to find a new location to store and maintain our modular layout. Roger Delthony has been contacting other Catholic parishes that have closed schools for space that we may occupy.


Shows and Exhibits of the RASG Layouts


Shamrock Toy Train Collectors Society Show
The Diplomat Banquet Center

We set up our modular layout in a ten foot by twenty foot configuration on March 20th for the TTCS Shamrock Show at the Diplomat Banquet Center. George Cole, Dave Daniel, Roger Delthony and Chuck Smith were in attendance. Bill Johnson was on hand for the set up and break down of the modular layout.
A report with photos will be available soon.

Greenburg's Train & Toy Show

On March the 12th and 13th the RASG club set up our modular layout up at the Dome Center in Henrietta, Ny for a two day show. A report with Photos is available for this show.

See our SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page for up coming shows and events.


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