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Private Cars

Private Cars on Coast Starlight

Shot with Seattle Filmworks 400, Minolta Maxxum 3xi, Tokina AF 75-210mm f/4-5.6.

Silver Lariat

(109K) Train #14, the Coast Starlight, Arriving in Santa Barbara with the Silver Lariat.

(71K) Close-up of the Silver Lariat.

(75K) Train #14 departing 20 minutes late with Silver Lariat in tow.

Wisconsin & Southern Private Cars

(88K) Train #14 pulling in with three private cars from Wisconsin & Southern.

(81K) Reverse angle of the short private consist.

(77K) A freight train comes around the corner.

(84K) Close-up view of the Wisconsin Club Car.

(83K) This is a platform I'd love to ride on!

(82K) The eastbound freight roars through. It's a short train so I was able to shoot a few more pictures of #14.

(92K) Train #14 pulling out. The green Amtrak boxcar really looks out of place.

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All Photos © 1997 Steven Reynolds. You are welcome to use any of these photos so long as you ask me first and give me credit!