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2001 Trip to Paso Robles

2001 Trip to Paso Robles

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(64K) I always enjoy railfanning at Davis before my train arrives Immediately after I arrived at the Davis depot, this long UP freight rolled through.

(50K) Oakland Jack London Square. I didn't think I had enough time to run all the way up to the head end because it looked like we were about ready to go.

(43K) I did have time to run all the way back to the rear of the train for a quick photo before departing Oakland. This car never opened during my trip as far as I knew, but examining this photo, an Amrak employee appears to be opening the door.

(53K) My "coach" car for the duration of this trip because my backpack had been moved twice while I was away from my seat.

(43K) I love the ACE commuter train paint scheme, here in San Jose.

(38K) San Jose is the last stop on the CalTrain line which goes to San Francisco. Someday I hope to explore the line.

(46K) Just arrived at Paso Robles into the sweltering heat just like Sacramento.

(45K) Looking south at Paso Robles while #11 is about to depart.

(43K) "Hi-ball Paso Robles, #11!".

(44K) #11 departing Paso Robles.

(76K) #14 arriving in Paso Robles about an hour later with newly-repainted F40PH #381 leading the way..

(74K) Mike, Les and I (not pictured) sit in a newly-refurbished Superliner I coach.

(34K) Walking towards the front of the train after arrival into San Jose.

(53K) Saying goodbye to Les in San Jose.

(56K) Good lighting on the San Jose Platform provides nice photos at trainside.

(44K) Mike, Dorie and son Andrew on the platform at San Jose ready to board.

(79K) Mike and I sit in his Superliner Family room on the lower level wearing our favorite train T-shirts.

(59K) #14 at Davis looking southwest down the platform.

(53K) Looking Northwest as #14 is about to leave Davis.

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All Photos © 2001 Steven Reynolds.