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2001 Trip to Monterey

2001 Trip to Monterey

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(49K) Capitol train #729 ready to depart Sacramento while I wait for a very late #11 to take me to Salinas.

(47K) #729 crossing the steel drawbridge over the Sacramento River.

(72K) I knew train #6 had to be close by with all the pallets waiting to be loaded into the baggage car. Photo taken while on board #11 at 10:45 AM.

(86K) Sacramento station attendant checking the final tally of pallets to be loaded as #11 was pulling out.

(72K) Outside of Davis, we pass a late Capitol #528.

(53K) Arriving in the Oakland Coach yard, I love to take note of all the different locomotives stored there.

(46K) Ex-Amtrak "Pepsi Can #501" is now CDTX 2051, still my favorite locomotive style.

(40K) Amtrak switcher #736 awaits its next job.

(46K) Another view of Amtrak switcher #736.

(42K) Swift trailers parked and ready to be loaded onto roadrailers or be hooked up to a cab for order delivery.

(37K) At Oakland Jack London, two extra locomotives added on the head end. I did not have time to run all the way up to the front because we were about to leave.

(39K) Our original head end locomotive with the rest of the train in Oakland.

(43K) Back at my coach car ready to board.

(63K) Photo of my train near Alviso. Photographed by Robert Souter.

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Photos © 2001 Steven Reynolds. Last photo © 2001 Robert Souter.