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Fall 2000 Reno Trip Photos

Fall 2000 Reno Trip Photos

Here are the photos taken on our trip to Reno starting 10/21/2000 to 10/22/2000. Enjoy!

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(48K) Me in front of the Davis depot waiting for a late #6.

(53K) Amtrak Capitol #727 leaving on a green! I really like Davis depot because there are signals on both ends of the platform so you have an idea when a train is approaching.

(57K) Amtrak Capitol #727 picking up speed after departing Davis on time. #6 arrived about 3 minutes after #727 departed. Sorry, no photos of #6. We had to have everything packed up so we could board.

(56K) The picture speaks for itself. The Reno Amtrak depot is within walking distance of downtown Reno.

(56K) The front of our hotel, the Flamingo Hilton.

(42K) Reno depot on a very cold morning..

(48K) Lana standing in front of the station.

(44K) Looking westbound from the depot. I like Reno on clear days--the skies are so blue!

(68K) About 10 minutes outside of Reno, the Truckee River provides many photos opportunities in the Sightseer Lounge.

(61K) More Truckee River.

(70K) Some sort of man-made waterfall.

(44K) Just after arriving at Davis as dusk falls, there is just enough light for photos of #5. Photo taken facing West.

(49K) Photo taken facing East, #5 getting ready to depart.

(37K) We had two private cars on the back of our train. These two cars were on our train the previous day!

(53K) I love this car! It's usually stored on a side track next to Los Angeles Union Station.

(46K) Private car Tamalpais bringing up the rear.

(50K) I would love to book an excursion on this car and sit on the platform just like these folks.

(51K) #5 heads out of Davis about 2 hours late.

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All Photos © 2000 Steven Reynolds.