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November 1997 San Diego Trip Photos

November 1997 San Diego Trip Photos

Photographed with a Minolta Maxxum 3xi using Kodak ASA 200 Film.

(85K) My stepfather, J.D., examines the front of just-arrived #773 while my train, #782, sits to the right.

(70K) Head end power of #782.

(55K) With rush hour in full swing, Los Angeles Union Station is full of Metrolink commuter trains.

(97K) A Metrolink train ready for departure with #782 on the right.

(62K) An Amtrak Express boxcar or Materials car in Phase IV paint; I've never seen this before.

(72K) With my lense at maximum zoom, I photograph an incoming Metrolink train.

(63K) The inside of Amtrak California's newest cafe cars.

(32K) Listening to two radios, I am planning out my next trip on Amtrak this Winter.

(41K) My friend Mike joined me at Irvine and kept me company to Fullerton.

(55K) F40PH Power on my return trip to Santa Barbara on Train #773.

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