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Chasing ATSF 3751

Chasing AT&SF 3751: Boron--Mojave

On a beautiful Monday morning, June 14, 1999, I set out from my home in Lancaster, CA to chase ATSF 3751, a vintage 4-8-4 steamer on its way from Los Angeles to Sacramento to attend Railfair 1999. I have been a long-time Amtrak rider and railfan but this was my first time chasing a train! Here are the photos below.

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(54K) ATSF 3751 having just arrived in Boron, CA. A crewman climbs down off the massive locomotive. I had to take this photograph very quickly as a very large crowd was advancing on 3751.

(44K) From the other side of the tracks, I was able to get a photo before the crowd filtered over.Crewmen on top of 3751's water tender to monitor the 80,000 gallons of water generously donated by the Boron Fire Department.

(58K) Crewmen on top of 3751's water tender monitoring the water level as 80,000 gallons of water were generously donated by the Boron Fire Department.

(41K) A nice view of 3751's water tender and crew on top.

(61K) At trackside a nice view of 3751 and her bell..

(61K) 3751 almost ready for departure, a railfan waves to the engineer. This is my favorite shot!

(45K) ATSF 3751 departing Boron.

(43K) Something I would love to do someday--ride on the platform of a private car! Sorry I missed you, Steve!

(48K) An added treat before arrival of ATSF 3751, a heavy coal train being pulled by three AC4400CWs slowly rolls by.

(49K) ATSF 3751 departing Mojave, CA. The train was delayed at Mojave due to trouble with one of the brand new BNSF boxcars. The car was set out in the Sanborn siding after 3751 had to back up 3 miles to get to it! I assume that there was no room in the Mojave yard? I was the only railfan who had a scanner at this location so everybody was sticking close to me for updates as we waited.

(37K) ATSF 3751 getting ready to climb the east slope of the Tehachapi Pass pours on the steam!

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All Photos © 1999 Steven Reynolds.