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Chicago, 1997 Trip Sounds

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I used my Panasonic RN-402 mini-cassette recorder hooked directly to my Yaesu FT-411E ham radio or Uniden Bearcat BC-200XLT Scanner. Using the VOX set at medium sensitivity, I was able to capture rail traffic without having to listen continuously with my finger on the record button! The sounds are in WAV format and some of the files are quite large. Please let me know if any of these sounds don't play correctly.

Sounds on the Coast Starlight

Coast Starlight Dining Car Chief (88K) Xiong Chu I believe his name was. He's calling people to the dining car. 3/26/97
Coast Starlight Dining Car Chief (56K) calling more people to the dining car. 3/26/97

Sounds on the Empire Builder

Burlington Northern Detector (100K) at "Bendalia" WA. 3/27/97
Burlington Northern Detector (94K) at Home Valley, WA. 3/27/97
Our broken baggage door (193K) at Spokane, WA. 3/28/97
High-Ball Spokane (25K) was given after our baggage door was fixed. 3/28/97
Burlington Northern Detector (105K) at Wolf Point, ND. 3/28/97
Glacier Dispatcher (98K) taking a signal away from a BN grain train. The engineer was not pleased about that. 3/29/97
Burilington Northern Detector (132K) at Bison, MT with a comment by the engineer afterwards. 3/28/97
A concerned engineer (148K) informs the dispatcher that they will be going "dead" soon. West of Shelby, MT. 3/28/97
CP Rail Detector (106K) near St. Paul, MN. 3/29/97
CP Rail Detector (112K) with a different message near St. Paul, MN. 3/29/97
CP Dispatcher paging tones, (16K) used between St. Paul and Chicago. They're very different than anything I've heard before. 3/29/97

Sounds on the Southwest Chief

Santa Fe Detector (69K) 3/30/97
Santa Fe Detector (55K) near Kansas City, MO. 3/30/97
Track Warrant (244K) given to us between Las Vegas and Raton, NM. 3/31/97
Our engineer (80K) reporting a malfunctioning detector between Raton and Las Vegas, NM. 3/31/97
The Singing Lounge Car Attendant (78K) on the Southwest Chief. 3/31/97
The last song sung (128K) by our singing lounge car attendant near San Bernadino, CA. 4/1/97
Santa Fe Detector (58K) West of San Bernadino, CA. 4/1/97
Brand new BNSF Detector (91K) installed near Santa Fe Springs, CA. 4/1/97

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