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Cross Country Trip Photos

Cross Country Trip Photos

I used a Minolta Freedom III camera with Kodak Gold 200 ASA Film.

(27K) Departing Santa Barbara, CA on 4/2/96

(53K) More of the power on the Sunset Limited at Jacksonville. Notice the new paint on the trailing Amfleet car!, 4/5/96

(51K) The Sunset Limited pulling out of Jacksonville, FL on 4/5/96

(24K) The Silver Star at Raleigh, NC on 4/6/96

(54K) The Capital Building, 4/7/96

(4K) Arlington National Cemetary on a very cold day, 4/7/96

(95K) Realitives' home in Fairfax, VA that I stayed with before heading to Chicago 4/7/96

(64K) East of Chicago, IL 4/8/96

(70K) Galesberg, IL on 4/8/96

(38K) Galesberg, IL 4/8/96

(34K) New power for the Pioneer, Denver, Colorado 4/9/96

(56K) A view of the back end of a B32-8W not seen often in this position. Denver, Colorado 4/9/96

(53K) Some neat switching action as the power for the Pioneer is attached at Denver, Colorado 4/9/96

(43K) Yardmen use handsignals as they hook up power to the Pioneer in Denver, Colorado 4/9/96

(53K) With our Desert Wind power refuled, it is backed up to our awating train in Denver, Colorado 4/9/96

(66K) Picture of me in Denver with our head unit, Amtk #516, 4/9/96

(45K) An F40PH being started up in Denver Yard. 4/9/96

(37K) Winter Park, CO 4/9/96

(76K) Las Vegas, NV 4/10/96

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