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Cross Country Trip

1996 Amtrak Cross Country Trip

Since childhood I have always been a railfan. During high-school and college I had other priorities but I would always stop to watch a train if the situation presented itself rather than go hang out by the tracks like in my early days of railfaning. I'm working full time and have the finances to make my dream come true, so I did. From April 2-10, 1996, I traveled over 6,700 rail miles from Santa Barbara to Washington DC and back. This is a report of that trip which describes my impressions and activities during that trip. Enjoy!

Trip Itinerary

Note: If Desert wind is late, take 5:30pm San Diegan to Santa Barbara, arriving at 8:40pm (train #781).

Due to the length of this trip report, I have divided it up into four parts plus a photo gallery. All aboard!

Travel Map--Follow the pink highlighter line to view my route taken

Santa Barbara to Jacksonville

Jacksonville to Washington DC

Washington DC to Chicago

Chicago to Santa Barbara

Photo Gallery

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