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Great American Station Whistlestop Train Photos

(61K) Lower level of the Transition Sleeper provides a very comfortable lounge not seen by most passengers.

(59K) Upper level of the Transition Sleeper consists of only Superliner Standard Bedrooms.

(64K) The Ex-GN Great Dome: I would have LOVED to ride in this car on my cross country trips!

(72K) Looking over the tops of the rear Amfleet cars from the Great Dome. This reminded me of my early days of Amtrak Riding.

(66K) The lower level of the Great Dome.

(63K) Rear Amfleet Business car--CLOSED off from the public to see.

(109K) Exterior of the Great Dome.

(74K) Profile of P42 #1. Makes a great wallpaper photo.

(73K) Looking straight on with the engineer standing at the top of constructed platform on the right.

(77K) A Union Pacific Freight train patiently awaits the departure of this train, the arrival of Amtrak #14 and 773.

(71K) Santa Barbara, one of the great historic rail stations.

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Photos © 1997 Steven Reynolds. You may use my photos if you ask first and give me the credit.