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Metrolink Holiday Train

Metrolink Holiday Train at Oxnard, CA

Shot with Kodak ASA 200 film. This was also the first time using my new Slik U8000 Tripod! It worked flawlessly.

(71K) Head end of the train decorated for for the holiday season.

(49K) Side view of the locomotive decorated with flashing lights.

(61K) The flatcar containing Santa's Sleigh, toy soldiers and a Los Angeles County Fire Engine.

(64K) The only passenger car loaded with flashing lights.

(65K) A Christmas wreath adds charm to the locomotive.

(70K) A decorated Fire engine was popular with the children, and some even climbed onto the flatcar to play on it!

(74K) A Metrolink caboose decorated for the season.

(60K) The opposite end of the caboose.

(77K) It wouldn't be Christmas without Santa! He gave his sleigh and Rudolph a break so Santa could ride the train.

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All Photos © 1997 Steven Reynolds