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New Genesis Locomotives on Coast Starlight!

Brand New Genesis Locomotives

Amtrak P42 #112 on 9/22/97

(83K) A close-up of the cab reveals the missing amber lights that used to be above the windshield. Also, the ditch lights alternate on/off to get the attention of motorists!

(59K) View of the rear of #112. Striping is solid all the way back.

(72K) Off topic, but I chased #11 down to Milpas St. where it met this westbound freight. I really needed a tripod as it was getting dark.

(81K) At sunset, #11 crosses Milpas St. CLICK HERE to hear #112's whistle at this crossing. Though said to be the same K5 chime, the horn sounds different from any Amtrak locomotive I've heard.

(102K) AMTK #112 entering the Seacliff Block from the Pacific Block.

(87K) #11 on its way picking up speed as it has entered single track once again. Notice the green "brakes released condition" lights on the sides of the cars.

Amtrak P42 #113 on 10/9/97

(140K) Brand new AMTK #113 on the head end of Train #14, the Coast Starlight at Santa Barbara.

(119K) Train #14 arriving in Santa Barbara.

(122K) Nice front shot of #113.

(69K) Rear angle of #113 with the front of the F40 trailing.

(147K) Testing out the maximum zoom of my 210mm lense to photograph Train #773 from Los Angeles with an Amtrak California cab car on the point. Notice the green aspect on the distant signal tower in DTC/ABS land.

Amtrak P42 #119 on 10/29/97

(81K) Amtrak P42 #119 at sunset on train #11 in Santa Barbara.

(68K) Playing with the flash got some nice reflections!

(49K) "Good release, hi-ball the runnin' air!" Said the conductor as #11 pulls out of Santa Barbara with an Amtrak California car in tow. Notice the green marker lights on each car.

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All Photos © 1997 Steven Reynolds