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Summer 1998 Redding Trip Photos

Summer 1998 Redding Trip Photo Page

Since I have so many photos from past trips to Redding, I only selected a few to post to the Web from this trip. I mainly was experimenting with my new Camera, a Minolta 400si. Click here for more photos from previous Redding trips.

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(67K) At San Luis Obispo, a nice view of train #14 with the brand new pedestrian foot bridge in the background.

(52K) The Coast Starlight has gone into the freight business with two boxcars on the rear. Another view of the foot bridge at the top of the photo.

(44K) In Oakland Jack London Square Station, the new crew climbs aboard to take #11 to Santa Barbara. Here the assistant engineer climbs aboard with lunch in hand--not the safest move.

(44K) On the return trip while at San Luis Obispo, #14 departs upon our arrival into the depot. Here at the rear end of #11 (note another green boxcar), FOUR locomotives pull #14 with an Amtrak California F59PHI locomotive in the mix.

(50K) Not too exciting of a photo...EXCEPT (I had to look at it a few times for I didn't notice it WHEN I took the photo) but this car on the end of #14 pulling out of San Luis Obispo is a Transition Sleeper car deadheading to Oakland. Never have I seen a Transition Sleeper with the low end door facing out! Usually it faces the baggage car so the crew can "transition" to single level cars.

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All Photos © 1998 Steven Reynolds.