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1997 Redding Trip Photos

July 1997 Trip to Redding Photos

These photos were shot with a Minolta Maxxum 3xi using Kodak ASA 200 Gold Film.

(58K) Me in Santa Barbara standing beside San Diegan #782 while waiting for the Coast Starlight which was running nearly three hours late. 7/30/97

(59K) San Diegan #775 meeting #782. All this happened before #14's arrival.

(65K) "Does anybody know how this thing works?" Looks like a driving lesson for the crew on #782.

(53K) Another angle of the meet betwen #775 and #782.

(58K) In the Pacific Parlor car just before wine tasting. An extra Sightseer/Lounge was used.

(129K) At San Luis Obispo, three F40PH locomotives power our train.

(66K) I think it's time to pull this hose!

(70K) Amtrak's new express boxcars at the rear of the train.

(67K) My sleeping car attendant, Hayward at San Luis Obispo.

(49K) Going around Horseshoe Curve while ascending the Cuestra grade.

(40K) Salinas, CA at 9:00PM. My first try at night time photography without a flash. There was hardly any light when I took this one..

(48K) A rare shot: #14 at Redding during the day!.

(13K) The sign speaks for itself. I'm sure it is hardly noticed since most passengers travel through in the middle of the night.

(65K) Steam locomotive on display at Martinez, CA.

(70K) An Amtrak switcher in the Oakland coach yard.

(81K) The head end of #11 at Oakland Jack London Square.

(101K) "Radio Man" Donald, my sleeping car attendant on #11.

(56K) A farmer's field flooded with pink lemonaid.

(93K) The Pacific Parlor car with plenty of snacks and board games.

(50K) The Transition Sleeper allows access to regular sized cars, both passenger and baggage at one end of the car only.

(51K) After the crew change at Santa Barbara, the new engineer sits at the ready to move the train.

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Trip report © 1997 Steven Reynolds