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Roseville Amtrak Depot

Railfanning at Roseville Depot

These photos are the first of many to come! I just moved up to Citrus Heights which is only a few miles from the Roseville Amtrak Depot and yard. We are unpacked and moved in, so now I can once again pursue my hobby. Here are the first photos taken on September 24, 1999

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(42K) Running 15 minutes late, Amtrak #5, the westbound California Zephyr arrives in Roseville.

(75K) The conductor on #5 makes one final check before giving the "Hi Ball Roseville" order.

(57K) On the end of #5 were two private cars.

(75K) #5 pulling out of Roseville.

(80K) The depot platform has a perfect view into the Roseville diesel shops. A newly started locomotive is moved while smoke bellows out of the top.

(63K) A mixed bag of UP, SP and DRGW power fill up the Roseville diesel shops.

(63K) A pair of DRGW locomotives bring cars to be coupled to other trains.

(72K) The Roseville train depot. Inside is a travel agency and a Greyhound bus ticket counter.

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All Photos © 1999 Steven Reynolds.