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Chicago Photos: SBA-PDX

Santa Barbara to Portland Photos

These photos were shot with a Minolta Freedom III Pocket Camera using Kodak ASA 100 Film.

(47K) Just arrived at the Santa Barbara depot, waiting for the Coast Starlight on 3/26/97

(59K) Amtrak Train #14 arriving Santa Barbara on 3/26/97

(48K) San Luis Obispo, CA. Notice the red signal at the head end, #11 was very close by. 3/26/97

(49K) In lieu of the traditional Ex-Santa Fe Bi-level Dome used as the Pacific Parlor Car, we had an extra dining car in its place! One doesn't see two dining cars in a row, 3/26/97

(50K) Looking South, not too much activity on the platform at Klamath Falls except some trash bags left off. 3/27/97

(43K) Looking Northbound, a smoker strolls about.

(45K) Just after arriving in Klamath Falls, people are getting off for a smoke break. 3/27/97

(44K) Entrance to the Klamath Falls Depot from the platform.

(55K) Out of the four people I asked to take a photo of me by a train, Marvin was the only person who was able to work my camera on the entire trip! This is the only photo of me.

(49K) Marvin, my car attendant by Sleeping Car "Texas" while stopped at Klamath Falls, 3/27/97

(49K) I was dared to take this picture by another passenger so I did! Don't pull that lever if you know what's good for you.

(31K) A glassy Klamath Lake north of the depot except for some birds fishing.

(34K) Snowy mountains across Klamath Lake on 3/27/97

(45K) Beautiful mountain scenery through Eugene pass south of Eugene, 3/27/97

(60K) Looking out the rear coach car at incredible snow-covered trees.

(48K) A crew change takes place at Eugene, OR, 3/27/97

(43K) Approaching the Steel Bridge before heading into Portland Union Station.

(52K) The power of our train begins to cross the bridge.

Portland Union Station Sign (17K) at the front entrance of the station. My flash ruined the bottom Amtrak sign so I cropped it off! When I went back later to re-shoot the photo (realizing what I had done with the flash), two elderly folks were sitting right in front of the sign.

(36K) The clock tower at Portland Union Station.

(40K) The Coast Starlight getting ready to pull out of Portland, 3/27/97

(62K) Train #28, "Thru-Cars" Portland-Spokane. We would meet up with the Seattle-Spokane section.

(60K) At the rear of Train #28, a Materials handling car.

(55K) The Mount Adams Talgo.

(59K) Mount Adams Talgo from the rear.

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